it was always multiple choice

You studied hard by
Sucking every dick
To prove you had the right perspective

Because had you been honest all along but wrong…
How embarrassed you’ll be when
You’re alone.

But that wasn’t the assignment.

The only thing he logged
In the agenda read
“I hate giving tests,

and anything suggesting
otherwise is your

or my
accidental graphite scribble
not between, the lines.”

And while aware of your wounded ego, and that your answers were simply a display of Adolescent rebellion and reckless abandon and spite about your own lack of control by having never studied, a Schwerer Gustav,


To fail to adequately consume his context and intention,
To lose yourself to words, unspoken even, instead of caring or listening intently, participating in Lecture,


He’s somehow surprised you don’t realize it’s more a relief than insult to him to have his theories Confirmed,

That he had you figured out in the first month of class and just wanted to prove your Disadvantage wasn’t a hindrance – that you could learn about history –

But an opportunity for his own personal growth.

This weak,
And shruggable low
Simply justified the grade you received.

You’re the only one who hasn’t been satisfied with this class
Because you never showed up,


Your swatch on the spectrum
Needed special
And though he never gave up,
Your expired character
Made it easy
To dismiss early
When you wouldn’t show.

Married or Not
Here it comes;

a wide

Who will spend the rest of your life
Searching for fulfillment;
A grave for hundreds of bodies,
A septic sewer for their flushable waste
A bottomless volcano pluming for sacrifice
A nuclear meltdown

Not a mountain

Searching for Validation
(that you didn’t make
fundamentally disgusting amoebic decisions
for its duration
in other people’s shallow definition of success) is
A tardy slip
A note home
A suspension
An F

Not a degree.

No mole of charity or
Kept Sade
From dying in prison.