hazard lights

Blah Blah Blah Behind her he drove or something and fell back terrified of her fucking desperation to bury him, even though it doesn’t exist now that he leaves her alone, everyone knows that.  She’s a Strobe and He’s the Voltage.  he noticed as he talked to his brother and empathized about a similar loss, explaining how to survive it. he felt his chest fold in when he saw her, but it didn’t.  he stayed erect.  the off position.  having fallen back to let her blow ahead Blow Blow Blow Ahead and he accelerated or something into his grave they dug together shrugging and smiling but mostly drinking and showing out on the internet and Toggle the Lights.  dog walked, open mail, he prepared for company with the trivial maintenance one performs to outline temporary greatness, unsustainable greatness, unforgettable specialicities, uniquentricities, terror.  give a shit for a minute because he turned the ignition off months ago, so the battery will die.