Don’t forget to shut the revolving door behind you

the dogs will escape and the fence isn’t secure
and the weather is cold and heat is expensive
and i have a headache because i’m hung over
or i have company who is better than yours
plus you’re not welcome here because i’m just not interested suddenly
but you’re welcome here when
no you’re not

so i’m strung out
and you drink too much
but i’m lonely let’s go out we’ll stay in you’re boring come over leave come over i’ll come on over i’ll move in i’m moving out come by and spend the night move in get out take care of me i can take care of myself let’s move let’s stay let’s get married i don’t want to marry you i’m still in love with i’ve never had a spark with there’s never been a spark with don’t die fuck you

get out
you’re crazy
you’re scaring me
you’re dangerous
don’t contact me
are you there?
please answer me!

i love you
but i never loved you

but you’re welcome

but you’re welcome

and you’re not welcome.
so i’ll see you in court.

you’re welcome.
i’m sorry not sorry.
don’t forget to shut the revolving door behind you, baby.

i’ll see you later, maybe?